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As for what (sic) means, it is actually an abbreviation of
the "psych-out" that to the best of my knowledge first
appeared in the early to mid 1980s as slang in Southern
California, due to it's closeness with hollywood and the
music industry usage of the word spread. As for meaning it
implies a reversal in meaning of the previous text.

You have a great sense of humor! For the benefit of those
with less command of English, "(sic)" is an editorial
comment meaning that the preceding material contains errors
(usually spelling errors) but that it is reproduced as it
was written.

It, colloquially, means intentional denial of the veracity of the
previous word/term or the same coupled with the addition of sarcasm.

My meaning was basically the full monty on that thought.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I hate to say it but I told you so.

Yeah... I can tell your all broken up and out of sorts. Try not to
cry yourself to sleep thinking about it tonight, OK?

You did say, in so many words not to feed the damn troll, but at least
let Joe kick his clueless ass a wee bit more before you start with the
warnings again.


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