Re: The idiots behind naming Douglas ideas 'semantic secure'

On 5 Mar, 12:41, j...@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Are not able to distinguish 'academic cryptanalyse and attacks' = 'a
pile of trash'
I think that must be entry number one in the database, so far any
attempt to decode a pile of trash ended in.


But Joseph Ashwood say he is still working on finding the correct
entry in the database and once he find it a break is nere

Yes :D who could have known cryptanalysis could be so funny.
Decohersion my friends decohersion.

Next thing he is going after the real index entry of 'my bullocks just
shrunk to zero'

And then he will from his musings find a new language that actually
could mean something, he is just not sure about what.

There are infinitly many index languages in the world of the binary
brains chuckle lol

Yeah Joseph you go get them, you are number one lol hehehehe

Best regards Jonas Thornvall

Maybe the midget minds should been staying with poker instead of
Probabilistic encryption & how to play mental poker keeping secret all
partial information