Re: Outlook Express Digital ID.

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Outlook Express can encrypt/decrypt and sign messages.

However a Digital ID is needed...

Can I create such a Digital ID myself ?

What is this Digital ID ? I suspect it contains the private key ?

Do the makers of outlook express expect me to be a retard and ask a third
party for the private key ?


I don't think SO !

A digital ID is a certificate, not your private or public key.
Actually it's a pointer to your public half of your signing key which
is distributed by the certificate authority (and you do get the
private half from them as well). By signing your document with the
cert, someone can ask for your public key from the CA (since the cert
refers back to the issuing CA), and verify that you're the one who
signed the email. This works because the CA knows *you*, and the
recipient of your document knows (and trusts) the CA to identify you
(within some limits - your basic email cert says little more than the
guy who registered abc@xxxxxxx with the CA is the one who sent this

This is basically the same thing that happens when you go to
and your browser verifies the sites cert when starting the SSL

"Find services that issue or use digital IDs"

Alternatively you could set up your own certificate authority, and
issue yourself a key, but since no one will actually trust your CA, it
won't help you very much unless you can convince people to add your CA
to their list of trusted ones. Private CAs usually exist only within
organizations for internal authentication.


Who's the real retard I wonder ?

ME ?


That's long settled.