Re: Key entropy, stream entropy, block entropy, block population entropy AKA uniique stream length

On 10 Feb 2007 04:11:42 -0800, jt64@xxxxxxxx wrote:

On 10 Feb, 12:33, clark <c...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You don't understand entropy, do you?

Yes i do in a binary with the given length x the entropy is 2^x, in
plaintext english the number of possible unique states a binarystring

You should though try to decode the meaning of *SPECIFIC LENGTH* and
try to logically deduce the connection to *KEYEXPANSION* and

If the key expansion or shuffles are generated from an algorithm only
and do not include input from a hardware RNG or cryptographically
sound CSPRNG like /dev/random or from another entropic source like
random mouse movements or the outcome of rolling dice... things like
that, then what is there to decode?

You cannot derive entropy where none exists.

I do not hold high hopes that it will enlighten you, the least.

But, then again, you appear to be the one who needs to be enlightened.

How are your high hopes doing with that issue?

I mean... you use the word constantly... but you appear to not
understand what it means, particularly as regards crypto.

Blah blah blah

Well... yes... that is all you are doing. Why don't you say something
knowledgable about entropy?

Really. Instead of speaking about it using terms you made up and have
no basis in reality, why not try to actually apply the real meaning to
what you are saying.

Then you would quickly see that maybe your high hopes and dreams and
shmeems and fleems about entropy may indeed be true in some other
parallel universe, but not here on planet earth.


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