Re: Blockcipher >256 bit (for hardware implementation)

Mike Amling <spamonly@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
jetmarc@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
A DES-like algorithm would be perfect, but there's no published 320bit
wide variant (and I can't come up with secure SBOX values myself). RC5
is configurable for the blocksize, but implementating a 320-bit
barrelshifter is very costly. I might come up with an AES variant for
the blocksize (Rijndael specifies 128/192/256 bit blocks), but the FPGA
implementation will be either slow or large (replicated SBOXes).
Do you have a suggestion for me? What other blockcipher could I

Two iterations of Rijndael with block size 192 bits, with
code-stealing to get the block size down to 320.

It's a bit 'asymmetrical', but 128+192 = 320...

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