Re: Ask any human to choice a number between 0 - 0xFFFFFFFF

You assume joe public knows the difference between real numbers and
integers. Most can't do currency conversions or understand that
removing the tax %-age before applying it is better than after applying

So when I say "pick a number between 0 and 42949267295" to someone walking
down the street, they'll pick "2" much much more often than "2559065124" and
certainly never 2559065124.31642.

Your attention to detail is valued by me, but perhaps not my the OP.
But I guess that's why you need to point it out to them. :)


Pubkeybreaker <Robert_silverman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know the answer to the question.

I do know, however, that regardless of whom you ask, the answer you
will get had probability 0 of being selected.......

I realize of course, that I am being somewhat obtuse, but I want to
point out
the importance of being careful in specifying the problem. Your
said "number" and not 'integer'.

For a number drawn at random in [0, 0xFFFFFFFF], the probability that
has a finite representation is 0.

I select the number 973FAC1E.E9000173625FFA27......

Do not say "number" when you mean "integer".