Re: Bruce Schneier - errors in table of primitive polynomials mod 2

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I checked my records. I was the one who first factored 2,272+.

Sam Wagstaff periodically sends out pages of results from
the Cunningham project. They comprise a complete history
of the project dating back to 1982. They include the
factorizations, the date, who did them and the method.
We are currently up to page 104. I keep a hard copy archive
of all of them.
Sam provides the latest page or two on-line. You might ask
him for soft copies of older pages.

Did this, and Samuel S Wagstaff wrote me:

] For the past year or two I have been planning to put the
] oldCunningham Pages and other materials on the Cunningham
] web page. When I received your request I decided to put at
] least the pages on the web at once.

All the pages, and the cover letter for the first 30 pages,
are now online. Sam hopes to add more material over the time.

This is essential information for any investigation on the history
of factoring. We find (on page page 41) that indeed (Robert)
Silverman factored 2^272+1, circa March 1986. It was thus included
in the second, not first edition of "Factorizations of b^(n+-1),
b=2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12 Up to High Powers"

I won't have time to compile graphs on progress of the
factorization of 2^n+1 before a week or two. And I'm still
wondering on the most useful presentation.

François Grieu