Re: Thank you all for the constructive comments

On Jan 4, 11:41 am, "Antony Clements" <antony.cleme...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have decided to give sci.crypt a miss for a while due to my inability to
make the jump from A-Z without knowing steps B-Y first as most people who
reply to my posts expect.
This is not meant directly to you, but in a more general way: I think
it is fair to expect people know steps B-Y when they want to reach Z.
Otherwise you should not aim at Z, but at C.

It sounds silly to say it about your own science, but cryptography is
definitely not an easy science.
Most people accept they cannot do rocket science or quantum mechanics
when they have only read a few books. But it surprises me every time
that in this newsgroup people do expect that they can immediately do
difficult crypto when they read a few articles or books. It takes years
of research and work to become anywhere near decent. I have been
working in this area for 5 years full-time now and still learn new
things from the posts in this group.

For this I am called a troll.
Personally, I don't see you as a troll. I can see you are genuinely
interested. But sometimes it would be easier if you aimed at the C, or
maybe even the M, instead of Z. It takes an incredible amount of
patience and energy to make someone understand every step of the way.
Not everybody has the time and patience to do that.

Then again, these days there seem to be more posts about what people
should and should not ask in this newsgroup than that there are posts
about actual crypto. If you don't want to help a person, please just
don't answer.

I find the documents from the
obscure people easier to read because they are less mathematical in their
descriptions of various methods and modes
Yeah, I noticed that too. There is a huge difference in writing
qualities. Maybe that is because the really brilliant minds (that
publish often) need less steps to understand something, so don't bother
mentioning them; while lesser minds need every step for comprehension
and repeat every step when explaining.

Maybe, not. But I do find it interesting.

I have essentially
given up on coding to any particular standard method or mode, if I happen to
stumble upon one then yay for me.
That's a shame. These standards are usually well documented and
thoroughly researched which makes them perfect building blocks, even if
you don't know exactly how they work.

See you all in a month or two.
g'bye! And have fun.