Re: Encryption - How to Choose Password

Paul Rubin wrote:
Stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I'm playing with Truecrypt and am not sure how best to choose a good
password. Anyone have any advice on how best to do this? I can use a
random sequence of characters but how do I remember them in the future
without writing them down?

Generate a passphrase using the diceware method (
Write the phrase down on a little slip of paper and put it in your
pocket. Refer to the slip of paper when you need the phrase. After
you've done this a few times you'll find that you remember the phrase
and you need to refer to the paper less. Once you're confident that
you remember the phrase, rip up the paper into small pieces and throw
them away. Or if you want to be like a real secret agent, then
instead of throwing away the pieces, you can eat them.

I have a web script that generates diceware phrases that you can use:

Nit pick - if you want to throw the piece of paper away make sure the password is something you use *regularly*.

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