Re: and now for something complete different part 2

Antony Clements wrote:
AHHH now i get it... i think.

so start off with an arbitrary seed and XOR it with the key to get the IV
then it becomes C[i] = P[i] xor IV for the first round and then for each
round afterwards C[i] = P[i] xor C[i-1].

then for decode it's P[i] = C[i] xor IV for round 1 and P[i] = C[i] xor
C[i-1] for the remainder blocks.

No wrong.

CFB is a chaining mode for BLOCK CIPHERS, not STREAM CIPHERS.

This is my last response to the Anton Clements persona. You're nothing
more than a troll as far as I'm concerned.