Sorry, Joe

What am I supposed to believe now, Joe? The Beale ciphers are
Jefferson "style" ciphers? Jefferson "type" ciphers? And at the same
time, seperate and apart from the Beale treasure scheme, Jefferson
simply made the decision to expend the greater part of his remaining
life and fortune, and also all the money he could borrow, to found a
university? That's starting to sound silly, Joe. See, Jefferson was
what you might call a "gentleman of honor". You might want to research
those terms on a site other than sci.corrupt. I don't think you
appreciate the stigma attached to that kind of behavior in his day. You
may well be sitting on the most important revision of American history
in the history of American history. Doesn't that make you proud? You
might try and amend some of your own history. How 'bout this as a
proclamation from Joe Peschel: "Wagner was right, except when my
friends are involved". Or this: "Wagner was right, except when there's
money at stake". You know, Joe, lately other toadies have been
intimating that you're "gone", no longer "here", that you have "left".
We know better, don't we? Is that you hiding between those you call
your friends and that which you call your charcter? Maybe not. Someone
run outside and check real quick! Maybe Joe's still in the "parking