Re: Digital signature repository

David R. Tribble wrote:
Are there any newsgroups or web sites dedicated to storing digital

I did find this site in a post in
PGP Digital Timestamping Service

"Stamper is a free digital timestamping service which uses PGP and
operates via Internet email."

So it's close but not exactly what I'm looking for.

Mike Amling wrote:
There are lots of timestamp services. Many of them show up when you
search for timestamp service RFC 3161. You can publish the timestamp of
your data yourself on a blog or other web page, or in the classifieds,
or just hang on to it.

The problem with publishing a digital signature myself is that it is
possible that I could have faked it. I.e., I could have reset the
clock on my PC before I signed a text file, thus producing a signature
with a phony embedded date. Publishing the signature on my own
web site does not add any credibility to the signature.

However, by publishing the signature on someone else's web site
(blog, newsgroup, whatever) which maintains its own (presumably
reliable) file date stamping, I can say that my signature was generated
no later than the post date. This is verifiable by the date given to
the post on the other site.

I still haven't found any free sites, blogs, or newsgroups dedicated
for posting digital signatures. So where are they?