Re: Disk encryption on USB without admin rights

Unruh wrote:
Sebastian Gottschalk <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

David Eather wrote:

WinZip has been evaluated for crypto strength and implementations errors.

As has been shown to be very error-prone.

Has Rar?

According to what's known about the RAR 2.9 formate, it seems to be simple
and straight-forward, so it should not be as broken as the WinZip format.

In any case, the new WinZip format with AES encryption is proprietary and
not compatible to the RFC-standardized PKZIP 2.0 format.

I have no idea why people are talking about zip.

That would be my bad. I didn't read the question fully. Sorry.

The OP said he wanted a
whole disk encryption procedure and not a file encryption procedure. Is
zipping and encrypting the files really OK? Or taring and zipping the
files? To me I thought he wanted something that would transparently encrypt
the files on the disk-- and encrypted file system. But filesystems need
root priviledge.

Again, the OP presented us with, not the problem, but the proposed
solution. Perhaps he should state what the problem is that he is trying to