Re: Disk encryption on USB without admin rights

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On Thu, 09 Nov 2006 19:58:30 +0100, Marlinde <Marlinde@xxxxxxxxxx>

I want to make an ecnrypted disk on mi USB drive.
I would like to use this drive also on a pc where i dont have admin rights.
I've tried different software (truecrypt etc) but they all need admin rights to run the encryption software.
I do like the functionality of TrueCrypt, single file encryption is no option.

Any tips.


Encrypted zip file with all your encrypted files in it?


Encrypted zip files can be pretty weak.

WinZip 9 and 10 support AES with 128 bit and 256 bit keys. There are a few issues for users and WinZip can expose the file names and some details - to get around this compress the all the files into an encrypted zip archive with an non-interesting name like "nothing to see" and then encrypt and archive that file unto your USB drive.

Unless AES is too weak for you.