Re: zk-proof on ElGamal ciphertext

Xi Yung <xiyung98@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

it seems that you solved an until now unsolved problem, because this
problem, in fact, looks to me now as verifiable encryption of DLogs
using ElGamal encryption. Until now there is no method how to solve
this. Maybe I am missing something, but I can't find a mistake in your

The arguments I gave were very sketchy, so maybe there's some pesky
missing detail. I know I have a tendency to find annoying details when
I work through full proofs which I missed out in the sketches.

Anyway, gosh! I had this vague fear that I was doing someone's
homework, because it really didn't seem like a difficult problem. One
just applies the known self-reducibility properties of various problems
and the answer pops out.

-- [mdw]