Re: What data is encoded?

Tom St Denis писал(а):

mistral wrote:
its old page, encrypted with "HTML Password Lock", nothing private
there. Just clear sample that simple encryption software can provide a
good protection. As you can see, its not so easy to break even this
small page.

Ok but

1. Why is there value in crap code?
2. Why is this new?
3. Why not just use SSL/TLS?
4. Why do we care?

Doing symmetric crypto + document.write is not exactly a "new" or
impressive or useful.

So how about we can the unoriginal spam and talk about something else.


you can remove this value, this does not matter, its just sample, old.
I dont know why there not used SSL/TLS. Just try to break it, as you
consider it as ugly, clumsy code.