Question about bit strength

Hi i'm a software delveoper, for the last few years i have been toying
around with a hybrid block cypher. I have two implementations of the
algorithms i have produced, both work flawlessly to encrypt/decrypt content,
but I am still unsure as to the bit strength of these algorithms. I have had
answers ranging from 64-bit through to 512-bit and beyond depending on who i
have asked to bit test them. All Keys used have elements derived by a
P.R.N.G. and the plain text is padded so that the cypher text is easier to
produce, after which the padding is removed and the cypher text written to a
file so there is no increase in size as with other methods. Each algorithm
is capable of encrypting/decrypting strings well in excess of
18446744073709551615 characters with the ability to encrypt a folder
containing 13 files totalling 227KB in 15-20 seconds. I was wondering if
anyone with the knowledge to bit test my algorithms could please do so.