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Markus Jansson wrote:
Encryption and hash algorithms used
- 1024 ECC as asymmetric cipher.

Where did you get a 1024 bit curve? And why are you using it with
256-bit ciphers?

- Twofish (LRW) & Serpent (CTR) as symmetric cipher.

You mean you offer two ciphers in different modes or that you chain

- Whirpool as hash function (if 256bits is needed, output of Whirpool is
divided into two parts which are XOR:ed together).

Truncation is better than that.

Key, salt and IV generation functions used
- PKCS#5 password-key derivation function with PRNG pools and
HMAC-Whirpool with 100000 iterations.
- 512bit salt for key generation functions, 256bit for IV:s per session
are created.

256 bit IV? For a 128-bit block cipher? O RLY?

Also do you plan on encrypting 2^256 files per password?

PRNG:s used
- Yarrow & Mersenne Twister & Fortuna (with Twofish) & Blum-Blum-Shub &
RtlGenRandom and user interactiveTM (mouse movement).


- PRNG pool is 2x512=1024bits.
- Output of all PRNG:s are combined and hashed using HMAC-Whirpool.

HMAC-Whirlpool is not a hash.

<snip nonsense>

It doesn't seem you know anything about the primitives you are using.
What are your specific goals you are trying to accomplish with