Re: Wikipedia "Cryptography" reaches Featured Article status

"David Wagner" <daw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Roger Schlafly wrote:
[Bruce] has been politically opposed to the NSA on several issues.
How did "He thinks the NSA made some bad policy decisions" turn into
"politically opposed to the NSA"? There's a difference between the two.
The latter insinuates something nasty. I think the former is a fairer
characterization of the facts.

Nasty? I don't think I said anything nasty.

I don't know who said, "He thinks the NSA made some bad
policy decisions". I don't know if Bruce thinks that or not.

Paul was arguing that Bruce's statement about the NSA's view
is worthy of going into an encyclopedia just because Bruce put
it in his book. I was pointing out that Bruce has been a critic
of the NSA. Bruce does not speak for the NSA. When Bruce
recites some wacky rumor about the NSA, it might be colored
by his own opinion about the NSA.


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