Re: ECC point compression trick

clark <clark@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On 28 Jun 2006 19:46:41 -0700, "Tom St Denis" <tomstdenis@xxxxxxxxx>

William L. Bahn wrote:
And still the question stands - is 3 or 4 the negative square
root of 2 mod 7?

Both are. They are also both the positive square roots of 2 under
arithmetic mod 7.


I think we're focusing on a non-issue here.

Clearly any standard would have to mandate either a numerical or
deterministic process to determine which is the "positive root". If
the prime is 3 mod 4 then you can use the power rule. That will always
yield the same value. Regardless of who or how you implement the

Oh well, I guess this is the best we can hope for usenet. Bickering
and fighting over minute details because somehow, somewhere, someone is
"more wrong" then you.

I'm sorry I brought it up.

Not...sorry...enough, beeeeyotch...

Now... En Garde!!!


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