Re: So you finally acknowledge S-boxes just eyecandy shit...

Accept it Tom you never were famous and never will be, bcs you just
repeat what other told you. You are much more like a collection of
incomprehensible s-boxes, infamous and with lack of entropy, and may i
say "flawed by design" without hurting your pride and feelings?

But you would probably make sucess if you tried to work as teacher or
taperecorder, bcs i do not know anyone who in such a sophisticated and
yet convincing way can parrot bullshit,
-> and in such a brilliant way may i say, only you can make us beleive
that you have something *important* to tell and that you know it all,
just by use of attitude.

Unfortunatly and sadly Tom developments of ideas never were your bag
and never will be.
Your mind lack entropy, wide trail is foreign to your way of putting
together information within the mental process called thinking.

Now be a good sport go back to whatever you were doing lol...

Tom St Denis skrev:

jt64@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I do not expect anyone to acknowledge this i just want to provoke Tom

When are you famous?

When trolls right incoherent ramblings [over and over again] and
address it specifically to you.


What an honour.



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