Re: Hash

Pubkeybreaker wrote:
Phil Frisbie, Jr. wrote:
Ernst wrote:

I am learning from the beginning about hash algorithms.
My questions are basic. I am learning.

How does one design a hash algorithm? Is it the work of clever minds or
is there a method?

Actually is is best NOT to design your own hash, and instead use a proven one
that fits your needs.

Yep. Absolutely.

Please let me know when someone succeeds in designing a proven hash.

It depends what are your requirements from hashing. If you're trying
to simulate
a random oracle, then it will never happen: it is widely known that
random oracles
do not exist.

However, there are an increasingly number of papers that are proving
without random oracles, and they typically need a collision-resistant
hash function.
In that case, VSH or one of its variants may be a suitable solution.



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