Re: Pick a pin

"Hakvinius" <hakvinius@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When picking a 4 digit pin for your ATM, what are the guidelines to pick a
"safe" number and which numbers to avoid?

For a PIN you pretty much just have to avoid the earliest guesses;
sequential numbers, repeated numbers. The reason for this is when someone
steals your card they should only have 3 guesses, so they will check the
statistically more probably ones. If someone steals a huge number of bank
cards then they'll use the same technique. The truth is that no thief is
likely to try your birthday (they won't know it), or the year you were born,
or your anniversary, or anything else. It is better to choose a somewhat
random value you can remember, so 1202 is a perfectly good pin for me
(although it is not the one I use), even though it is my fathers birthday,
simply because it would be further than 3 down the list.

This is not to say places won't mess up. I know from one particularly
braindead day that the grocery store by my place doesn't care if I take 4
attempts, and that my bank doesn't lock it from that.

If you want maximum safety tell your bank to not accept it's use at any
location other than one of your bank's ATMs. Won't make your life all that
easy, but that's the limits of the technology.