Re: Why everyone uses envelopes but few encrypt emails?

"privacy concerned" <privacyconcerned@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am always puzzled by the fact that everyone puts envelopes on their
personal letters but very few people encrypt emails, even though emails
are much less secure than postcards (they can be easily copied, stored,
searched, and analyzed).

It's really quite simple: the concept of cryptography as "envelope" is
flawed from the very beginning. The real reason people use envelopes is to
keep things together, and because they have a place for the address. Very
few people use envelopes because of security, in fact any postal mail that
requires security is _NOT_ sent through the drop in the mailbox method, it
is instead sent through at the very least hand delivery to the post office,
followed by receipt forms, etc. The entire concept behind this statement is
flawed beyond all usefulness.

Anyone wants to comment on the merits of this system and whether it
will succeed in persuading everybody to put an envelope on every
personal email?

It will fail. It will fail in large part because it fails by default with
web-based email (tested with Hotmail). It will fail because contrary to your
lunacy it does require installation of a program. It will fail because it is
useless, pointless, and fails to even suitably represent itself as the
claimed envelope. It fails in the very usability aspect that your lunacy
says it succeeds in. It fails completely, and I won't even get into the lack
of security.

Fell better now?


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