Re: Why everyone uses envelopes but few encrypt emails?

Ben Rudiak-Gould wrote:
privacy concerned wrote:
There is a company that claims having developed an email encryption
system that truly works like envelopes (

Who do you think you're kidding? You obviously work for this company. I
wouldn't be surprised if you were the sole employee, as I can't imagine a
company of significant size resorting to such deceptive marketing tactics.
And for a security-related product, of all things. I need to trust my
security software first and foremost, and with your pathetic attempt at
deception you've squandered my trust before I even had a chance to look at
the product.

I visited the web site anyway. I figured the product would be closed-source,
but I thought there might at least be a rigorous design specification. I
didn't find one. It seems rather likely to me, a priori, that you made a
mistake somewhere in the design, if not the implementation. It happens to
the best of them, except that the best of them submit their designs for peer
review. For that matter, I see no reason to believe that EaSecure doesn't
deliberately save a permanent record of every email sent through its
service. Given the lack of ethics you've shown in your posting here, I can
easily believe it does.

If you'd just posted a link here in good faith, I would have simply not used
the software, but since you lied, I'm going to advise other people against
using it if I have a chance, and I encourage others here to do the same.

You could win a little trust by using your real name. Are you Dr. Liu, by
any chance?

-- Ben

Posting anonymously != lying and deception. Please focus on the
substance of the posting instead of the poster. Open up the design and
source code for peer review is a good point though.


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