Re: Why everyone uses envelopes but few encrypt emails?

privacy concerned writes:

I am always puzzled by the fact that everyone puts envelopes on their
personal letters but very few people encrypt emails, even though emails
are much less secure than postcards (they can be easily copied, stored,
searched, and analyzed).

Most people simply don't realize that e-mail is so insecure.

My guess is that it is because most email encryption systems do not
really work like envelopes. Envelopes have several superb properties
that general email encryption systems do not have.

1. It is very easy to use.
2. It can send to anyone who has a mailbox, not requiring the recipient
to do anything before you can send the letter.
3. Although it does not guarantee that nobody else except the recipient
can read the letter - in fact, anyone can tear the envelope to open
it, but a torn envelope will alert the recipient that the letter has
been spied upon.
4. You always have the possession of the letter after receiving it.

The rough equivalent of an envelope for e-mail is over-the-wire
encryption between sender and receiver. Unfortunately, that is not a
common configuration.

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