Could anyone verify a term for me?

I'm coding a SHA-1 implementation and I'm stuck at a point for two days now. I have to compute:
T = _rotl(0x67452301, 5) + ((0xefcdab89 & 0x98badcfe) xor (~0xefcdab89 & 0x10325476)) + 0xc3d2e1f0 + 0x5a827999 + 0x80636261;

All numbers are unsigned ints and therfor 2^32 bit long. My result for T is always 0x2017fb14, but the partial result of a testvector in the standard paper claims T to be 0x0116fc33.

Could please anyone verify my result? It's driving me nuts and the algorithm is almost due.

thanks in advance, Hipo