Re: auto-deleting safe or encrypted folders?

Is there something out there that would let you encrypt files or
folders, and unenc' them with one password but if you use a different
set password, it will instead destroy the data?

Yes, assuming the data is writable at all (erasing a CD-R or a
hardware write-protected hard disk is rather difficult). The program
should not use an OS file delete function until it overwrites the
data (hopefully in place) several times first.

But the attacker (especially if it's the FBI or NSA) probably isn't
going to be using YOUR program to do it, and he'll probably have
copies made first anyway. And you might find out that the fancy
hardware setup works too well: when the FBI puts in the wrong
password on THEIR computer, it detonates the chunk of C4 on YOUR
computer, taking you and your house with it, and rendering any
prosecution they had intended moot.

I'm thinking of something like Steganos Safe, but with a destroy data
Freeware or retail, doesn't matter.

(I'm probbaly going to get some suggestions to write my own
program...which I would love to do if I knew any programming beyond

Gordon L. Burditt