Re: auto-deleting safe or encrypted folders?

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Liam wrote:
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Liam wrote:
Is there something out there that would let you encrypt files or
folders, and unenc' them with one password but if you use a different
set password, it will instead destroy the data?
I'm thinking of something like Steganos Safe, but with a destroy data
Freeware or retail, doesn't matter.

What's the point of the auto-delete? What if the file is on a CD or
god forbid I made a copy of it?

Well, ANY security can be made pointless by doing something stupid. =)
I can have the best house security in the world, but it'd be pointless
if I made the passcode 1234 or left the back door open.
The point of having a good tool is using it right.
If I had something that was important enough, and I'd want to be able
to quickly destroy if I need to, of course a copy wouldn't be made of

Um ... I don't get it. I thought you said "if you use the wrong
password"... why would you want a 2nd password for wipe? Why not just
wipe the damn file?

Because I was thinking of the need for situations of deception, but

If the idea is you're doing this at a police station ... THEY WILL HAVE

I wasn't thinking of the police, but then, you're absolutely right in
that I didn't think of a copy being made first either.
While I take offence at your condescending tone, (I've been using PC's
since '87 and BBS's/Fido and then Internet since '91,) I admit to
deserving it for that pretty rediculous blunder. This was a thought
that just came to me and I blurted it on the group before I thought it
Too bad I can't wipe this question off the net. =/
Sorry to bother.

Well still you won't find a [credible] program that offers this because
it offers meaningless security.

How so? If the only copy is in the encrypted file, and if it were to be
unencrypted without my will bad things would happen, then it's not

You must be new to computars. Welcome to the intarweb btw [that's by
the way for you new netizens].

Computars have this thing called a "copy" function which can copy

A copy of a file would be a distinct entity not linked to the first.

The first being destroyed would mean a copy of the copy could be used

Hope you like your stay on the big wide intarweb!