Re: OpenSSL Hacks

David Wagner wrote:
Douglas A. Gwyn wrote:
For example: unchecked whether malloc succeeds, and no
suitable exception scheme to handle it even if it were checked.
Why on earth *would* I explain such basic stuff to developers?
That's a vulnerability? Sorry, I don't see it.
A minor bug, sure. A potential reliability issue, quite possibly.
At worst, it might be a denial-of-service issue, depending on details
which are not in evidence here.

Actually at worst it might result in arbitrary code substitution,
just as with buffer overrun vulnerabilities. Details depend on
the specific platform.

*Any* incorrect implementation of function in a subcomponent of
a security protocol is worrisome and potentially harmful (to
the purposes of the protocol).

It wasn't my purpose to develop specific exploitations. Such
code problems are a sign that no adequate review (security or
otherwise) has been done; trusting the security adequacy of the
product under such circumstances would be folly.

If you're going to rely on certification, the certification
should mean something (and furthermore should mean what you
require for your purposes).

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