Re: Public Key encryption methods

Matthijs Hebly <heeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi all,

just out of curiosity:

All Public Key encryption methods that I know of are based on some
hard-to-solve mathematical problem (like factoring large composites is
hard (unless you're JSH)).

Are there Public Key encryption methods that are fundamentally
different, in that they do *not* work with such hard-to-solve problems?

Uh, if they did not work with some hard to solve problem, they would be
easy to solve, and the crypto system would not be worth much.
Ie, ALL crypto systems work with hard to solve problems.
Note that "hard to solve" for a crypto system may be very different from
things like NP. A problem which scales line L^10000 where L is the length
of the input is in P and not usually called hard, but it may still be hard to
solve in the crypto sense.