Re: JSH: Ethics of a factoring solution

jstevh@xxxxxxx wrote:
So, by this hypothetical scenario, I post factors tomorrow morning.
Wouldn't Monday open with a stock market crash?

No, and so what if it did? It would be an irrational reaction,
since there would be little immediate danger to the economy.

In fact other RSA challenge numbers have been successfully factored.
If you merely factor the smallest remaining challenge number and
post the factors and an indication that you have a working method
and are not a crackpot after all, then why would there be any more
of a stock market reaction than there was after previous challenge
numbers were factored? Especially if you don't claim right away
that you can quickly factor all remaining challenge numbers.. If
the point is to (re)gain respect for your method, then there would
be no real difference between cracking just one of the challenges
and cracking all of them; either way you'd get serious, respectful

Until you actually have a practical method, however, the "ethical"
issue is moot.