Re: Need RSA Encryption/Decryption Delays

actually i was doing a simulation on ad hoc networks in NS in which i
had used RSA+threshold cryptography for implementing distributed
Certification Authority.

I have coded the Threshold RSA technique as given by Victor Shoup in
"Practical Threshold Signatures" after modifying it slightly.

I have used the BigInteger datatype in Java to code the cryptographic
functions. but needed some standard delay values to verify the timing
of my routines.

The standard "Estimated Time to Completion" of a software project
is "2 weeks". (However, 2 weeks later it may still be "2 weeks".)

What is a "standard delay value" (for anything)? What's the "standard
delay value" for travelling between New York City and San Francisco,
given that you don't know yet whether travel is by commercial
airline, car, missile, bicycle, or walking, or whether it's being
done during a high-traffic vacation season vs. a relatively idle
time for travel, and you don't know what the security alert level
will be?

If i could get the timing for Thershold RSA it will be
nice, or atleast the standard RSA delay values for different key size
will also serve the purpose.

Are you using a #4 (vs. #2) pencil? What paper size are you using?

Is RSA encryption/decryption O(n**2), so doubling the key size
increases the encryption or decryption time by a factor of 4?
(Key generation will be a lot different).

Gordon L. Burditt

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