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Sigh. What is it with you and your conspiracy theories? Do you
really think I am making this up? Do you think I'm deliberately
lying to you? Are you nuts? Why do I even bother replying to this
nonsense, anyway?

I give up why do you bother replaying? I just felt on a pubic internet
forum. It was more polite to use references that anyone has access to.
So all who post here can be part of the discussion. Of course if you
only want to impress others or discuss with the "certifed" elite thats
your business.

There are several ways you get could get access to this paper. You could
buy a copy; you could try your nearest technical library; you could
contact the author to see if he will send you an electronic copy.
Have you tried any of these things?

I don't think such a library exists in my town. Its not Berkeley.
Also cite seer has a lot of good papers those are what I use as references.
Of course if one wants I suspose you could quote good interal paper
from the NSA. You may have to fly to China or Russia to read them. But
if your a paid expert and had the will it might be worth the trip.
I found if you pay for such thinks its usually money not well spent.

I have seen papers on subjects more easily verifyible than encryption and
many are not up to snuff. Example simple arithmetic file compression a
subject which you think would be dead. Have you seen a paper that discribes
the truth about how one can end the file. Most don't have a clue you think
one of the ivory tower types would have copied Matt Tims or more work
by now.

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