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For touch point math see
this is a sore point for me. It makes me want to vomit.

Oh, dear. I can see what you mean. Our math & science curriculum
really has a long way to go. How depressing.

It reminds me of an essay from Richard Feynman, from when he agreed
to review textbooks for elementary schools. You might enjoy reading
it -- if it weren't so darn depressing, it would be almost funny.

from it
"The definitions weren't accurate. Everything was a little bit ambiguous --
they weren't smart enough to understand what was meant by "rigor." They
were faking it. They were teaching something they didn't understand, and
which was, in fact, useless, at that time, for the child."

Its far worse than this today. The books for college that cost at least
one hudred dollars look like something in a teen magazine. They jump
around and are designed with fluff for the short attention spans and
never get to the point. They have to change editions every few years
and are written by pseudo doctors in education or similar nonscientific
fields. The books fall apart and are not worth saving or being used as a
reference. I was shocked I teach basic aritmetic since not a certifed
math educator. I taught my kids enough math they passed AP calculus skipped
calcucus in college becuse of test scores. My daughter got through Berkeley
in three years with a degree in Economics she feared it would be hard there
but it was a breeze for her.

Check out this from TIME'S 100 top scientists and thinkers of last

Notice the typical story of asking a child about what makes the
wind blow. The child thinks it the trees shaking their arms should
you correct or help the child. Heres his anwser from quote above.

"Piaget recognized that five-year-old Julia's beliefs, while not correct by
any adult criterion, are not "incorrect" either. They are entirely sensible
and coherent within the framework of the child's way of knowing.
Classifying them as "true" or "false" misses the point and shows a lack of
respect for the child.=

I belive teaching has today come to respect the child god forbade they
should actual learn anything.

Let me give you another true horror story. I was talking to a teacher
asking how come sstudents can't add simple fractions like 1/2 + 1/3
He stated in high school he too had a higher number of students that
had the same porblem. He found most went to a particular grade school
He talked to the teacher and decided to call a meeting with the principal
of the school. There was several math teachers there. The "certified"
teacher explianed it was much easier for the child to add the top
numbers and then the bottom numbers together so you get 1/2 + 1/3 = 2/5
The principal said he really didn't understand the complexites of
mathematics but asked the teacher if the kids felt confident with
the method the teacher assured him they were happy. At that point the
principal stated fine teach it that way. Let them straighten it out
in high school. The problem is we make the students happy. I could
give several stories based on my own experiences teahing basic
arithmetic as a retired engineer but I don't think you would
belive them. I know if someone told me the state of
knowledge of mathematics of todays college kids I would
have laughed in disbeilf.

Maybe since Berkeley was at least for only the top students you
will never have to see the poorly prepared students I attempt to
teach. I hope at least Berkeley is still safe. Please tell me it

The sad thing is I see no way to correct the problem. The
"certifed" teachers and thier unions can't see any problem.
Well actually they do see some of the problems to them are retired
engineers and scientist who love math made a living doing
math are the problem and I have heard many state that we
make poor math teachers. I think God every day my math
teacher in grade school loved math.

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