Re: Compression and crypto

David A. Scott wrote:
I think the truth of the matter is that in China and India is where
the current experts live. My guess is the NSA is dying while the
Chinese version is rising. It will be a sad day when they read all our
encryptions and like the germans of WWII we will think they can't.
Because our experts like the german experts think they know it all
and close there minds to simple things like pre-compression and whitening
to help with security. It the little things one forgets to care about
that also breaks crtpto systems. I fear the Red Chinese can already do it.

This is where, I remind you, again, that AES is not American.

That academia has cryptographers from dozens of nations around the

That the future viability of established cryptography does not depend
on having "no child left behind".

DAWs point about not making up a encryption suite for every data type
isn't being "lazy" or shutting down research. It's limiting the time
you waste inventing problems to solve when they're not real.