Re: Resources required to retrieved wiped disk

daw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (David Wagner) writes:
If we can draw the inference that recovering data from an once-overwritten
hard drive costs at least $100,000 (if it is even possible), that's an
interesting data point. For one thing, if someone is willing to spend
$100,000 to get at my data, they can probably get it.

I think that much has been spent trying to recover listenable audio
from the Watergate tapes of 30+ years ago. Just a few years back
there was a proposal for new "attacks" given how technology has
changed since then. It's a much less dense medium than 1980's hard
drives (maybe not 1970's hard drives). But I don't think anyone got

By the way, disk encryption is not free. It has usability costs.

It also leaves the data recoverable, if you're required to hand over
the key.