Re: Resources required to retrieved wiped disk

nemo_outis wrote:
Bryan Olson <fakeaddress@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:zBrcg.79944$H71.33187

An hour of searching on that term should disabuse one of the notion
that such services recover physically over-written data from hard

I have no doubt that such recovery is a poor basis for a workable business model, costing as it might $100,000 (or indeed far more more) for even partial recovery. That does not mean it can't be done by, say, a TLA, given sufficient incentive..

There's any number of observations that do not imply it can or
cannot be done. That's why the question was about the relevant
facts and not the irrelevant tangents you've taken.

Can anyone cite any success at recovering physically over-written
data from a modern hard disk?