Re: Quickly finding large primes

jstevh@xxxxxxx wrote:
I have found a trivially easy way to rapidly find large primes.
No, you haven't. You read somewhere about quadratic character tables
being used to speed up factorization. As always, you ran straight to
usenet to claim, falsely, that you know more about the matter than
anyone else.

sci.crypt people: James Harris is one of world's best-known and
most-hopeless mathematical cranks. Google up some of his _thousands_ of
claims of great new discoveries on sci.math ("Believe it or not, reply
quality there is abysmal, far worse than here.") to see what I mean.

and then you have an 88.88% probability that it is coprime to 17.

LOL. You get better odds -- 94% -- with a completely arbitrary number.