Re: Complex Theoretical One Way Hash Question

Good points one and all.

Wouldn't the sex-cool flavour of the day and popular public opinion
want us to do all this in AJAX? Client-side hash implementation computes
digest from a $url and displays it over top the image in question.

But yes, we still havn't heard from OP.


Unruh <unruh-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Since postscript is a turing complete language, couldn't you just make
it calculate the MD5 digest of itself and then print it? It would
essentially be a quine that instead of printing itself printed the MD5
digest of itself. It should be possible in any language that allows
both printing quines and calculating MD5.

That would of course be useless in verifying the photo, since anyone could
change the code in the postscript file to print out whatever they wanted,
including any purported hash.

The OP never did say what he really wanted this for so it is entirely
unclear if any of these ideas would meet his needs. When pressed he refuses
to say what he wants.