Re: Tiny table AES implementation

tomstdenis@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
karl malbrain wrote:
Of note is the table organization: 32 or 8 bit. Large tables cause
problems. Tiny table implementations are immune because the whole
table fits in 1/4 of the cache lines needed by large tables.

The problem [as I understand it] has to do with cache-bank conflicts.
Because the memory is dual ported you can perform two [upto] 64-bit
reads at a time. But they cannot be in the same bank on a cache line.
[I'm going from memory, I have the specs around somewhere at the

Right. On Intel machines loads that are back-to-back to the same bank
stall one cycle. Your aes encryption code loads a dword from TE0 and a
byte from s1 back-to-back.

We have a linux box running here that I would like to test on. Can you
post your rd_clock version for linux?? Thanks, karl m


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