Re: Complex Theoretical One Way Hash Question

Matthew Harrison <m.harrisson@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Unruh wrote:

IF you want a cryptographically strong hash, then as he says it is not
feasible for all the reasons people have given.

I want some helpful advice .... on direction.

Coming to a science based newsgroup and getting an automatic no from
most people is somewhat expected, but also disappointing.

Look it is like coming to a physics discussion group and asking for help on
a perpetual motion machine, and when everyone points out that it is
impossible, saying what you just said. It may be disappointing, but that is
what the world is like. Sometimes you cannot get what you want for very
good reasons. You just do not want to look at the reasons.

There IS NO helpful advice on direction. You are trying to go somewhere
where you cannot go. And then you refuse to accept that.

The post you found helpful contained the statement that if you want a
cryptographically strong hash then it is not feasible.

What he essentially said was "find two files with the same hash".

A little discussion or pointers to places where this has been discussed
before would be a cool change.

What discussion? you have gotten a lot of discussion, by many people. YOu
just do not like the direction of the discussion.


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