Re: Cryptographic strength in Wireless Alarm Systems?

Carlos Moreno schreef:

Anyway, I'm hoping someone here might know a bit about the
technical details, how they really work and if they're really
secure (reasonably secure, that is -- not like I need to
protect my house against the top secret military agencies
or against the cream of the cream of the organized crime).

I can say only one thing:
wireless cameras, and other wireless stuff is 100% idiotic NOT secure.
That is from the POV of electronics and design.
It is easy for an attacker to find the frequency these things work.
Then it is easy to bring a transmitter to jam it.
It may then well continuously signal alarm or error, or no picture, or
whatever, locating the interfering transmitter can be more difficult.
That would take time.
As the place will not know WHERE it is attacked, it will have to switch
off all those alarms, and will be without protection until a service
guy comes.
(One that can locate the jammer haha).
The attacker can use that time.
And, actually the same goes for RFID tags, jam the place with a
and no tag will be readable.
Wiring a good alarm system is difficult and requires some knowledge.
Lots of pitfalls possible.