Re: attacking a re-used OTP // is it possible if it is changed with a random key each time ?

Kristian Gjøsteen wrote:
Terry Ritter <ritter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
questions should be raised and answered about the
supposed "randomness" of the set of implemented

They are. From time to time, papers appear _on that exact topic_.
It's called block cipher analysis. You may want to have a look some

Let me get this straight: You start out saying
that my position is ridiculous:

You worry and write at length about irrelevant problems.

and now you say my position is reasonable and
accepted by the crypto community. Well, fine.
So you should have no problem with the content
of the Crypto Glossary, about which you said:

Anyone who
reads your glossary without previous background may end up severely
confused about what cryptography is about, and what the real problems
in cryptography are.

Thank you for clearing that up.

So, who are you, and what did you do with the
real Kristian?

Terry Ritter 1.4MB Crypto Glossary


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