Re: Factoring large composite numbers

contini@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Unruh wrote:

b) Your observation forms the basis of the method of a poster here called Stevens who
keeps posting that he has solved the factoring problem. So far he has not
managed to factor any large numbers, despite claiming to have
revolutionised the subject.
Ie, the observation is a very old one. Unfortunately noone has managed to
find a way to use it to make factoring any easier. ( Well, if you happen to
choose your number so that it is one less than some square, then of course
this method says it is very weak.)

To the original poster: please ignore the these comments.
Just because one mad
person has tried to use the method in an insane way should not
discredit all of
the real researchers who have used the method in clever ways. In other
Unruh's assessment is misleading.

Which part is misleading? Has someone found a way to use it to make
factoring any easier? Who?