Re: Rijndael .Net Managed Class VS Rijndael Win32 C++ (MFC) Class

leonard.guillaume@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
As exemple :

The server is using "Ae7b6D333K" as initialization vector.
The server AND client are both using "1234" as encryption key.

In order to test the encryption on client side, a test XML file is
encrypted than decrypted by using the Rijndael Win32 Class locally.

The client sends XML SOAP data to the server with Rijndael encryption.
The server can't decode it (missing IV??). The server then send an
encrypted XML SOAP information by using it's Rijndael managed class
from .Net Framework, the client can't decrypt it (missing IV on client

I don't know if it's relevant to your issue, but W3C's XML encryption standard at says
"[AES] is used in the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode with a 128 bit initialization vector (IV). The resulting cipher text is prefixed by the IV."

--Mike Amling

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