Re: Mac Server Hacked In Less Than 6 Hours

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| > Actually, the hacker worked only 30 minutes.
| >
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| > Now, I wonder why no one has defaced Microsoft.
| Basically because Microsoft has the budget to have hundreds of boxes
| running, and a well trained experienced staff that can (and I'm fairly
| certain does) take down a hacked box very, very quickly. Also there have
| been a number of timeframes where Microsoft has had to reboot their
| every few minutes (<15 minutes) simply to keep the service up and running,
| that is not a large window of attack. Also Microsoft has the money to put
| into place a vast array of DDoS, firewall, filters, IDS, IPS, alphabet
| Cheerios, antivirus, and any other service necessary for protection. So
| basically it's the same reason that [insert name of
| government/religious/world leader] doesn't wear a bullet proof vest all
| time, you can't get close enough.
| Joe

Hi Joe - at last, some substantial (and relatively unbiased) reasoning. Put
another way: they are the mighty Oak, which has sustained the heavy winds
for so long that it can now withstand anything and make it look easy.
Couldn't we all learn from these folks how to secure computer
infrastructure? I mean, if I were tasked with establishing a secure
infrastructure I think I would want to use the most successful vendor
possible. NASA, JPL, NSA all use Windows systems (true, a host of others as
well for pure scalability reasons), trusting our family jewels to it.