Re: AES/RSA encryption program

Tuvas wrote:
I am currently in an introductional class on cryptology. For part of
our class, we choose and build a project. I choose to build a secure
database based off of AES/RSA. To make it worth the class, I needed to
build them on my own. I have already built the systems, and while it is
good enough for my class, I'm wondering if any of you has any comments
as to the security of the cryptosystems. The code is found at , under the RSA and
the AES sections. Thanks for the help!

Yes! For perfect security against the new quantum computers that run a
100 milliion times faster, athan your PC. design a chip on the
hyperfractal architecture. Electrons/photons matched pair-to-pair,
field-to-field, serial/parallel and fractal-to fractal should deny
access to an intruder. But watch out for the word "entanglement".
It's a weakness to be avoided at all costs.