Re: A little bit out of topic but not that much...

Please could you be a little more polite?

I try.

Frenchies are often thought as rude, you are just giving here a
little more strength to this (unfair) assertion.

What about a guy telling you that "half the english on the page doesn't even
make sense" whereas the text is absolutely comprehensible? (some wrote me
that there was nothing that bad in my text!). I'd say be polite first, I'll
be too. I'm not american native, I do all my best to write comprehensible
english, but I can't write like Harvard teachers can do. Be more tolerant
with people trying to be understood by you. I can write bad english, bad
spanish, french, whereas 95% of your compatriots are just talking their own
language (often badly moreover). He could have correct my errors without his
pedant style.

I didn't want to be aggressive, but his style was so unpleasant... Sorry if
you felt my answer rude, it wasn't my first intention. I've got many
american friends, I love your country (there are much american texts on my
website than french ones!) and I don't want to have a row with you guys. I
chat using english on the Net for 11 years now, it's the first time I get
such pedantic and pedant comment. I'm not used.

Another time, sorry.

Arnold McDonald (AMcD)