Re: Online poker and RNG...

Gerry wrote:

And there seems to be a set of horns of the dilemma, here: either a
site publishes its algorithm, in which case the missing ingredient is
the seed (which can be determined, yes?), or the site refuses to do so,
likely because its PRNG relies on the "secrecy" of the algorithm,
which, from what I understand, makes the whole thing weak!

No, there is middle ground. If the site has a good algorithm, and implements it correctly, then there may be no avenue for attack. What I said in my original reply was meant to be specific to the poker site cited by the article you linked to (PlanetPoker). Sorry if that wasn't clear. For instance, while the shuffling algorithm descibed at isn't fully specified, there's no a priori reason to think that their games could be beaten from a cryptological standpoint (c.f. PlanetPoker, where even a brief description would lead one to think an attack would be possible).


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